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Latest: The Pivotal Importance Of Purposeful Philanthropy In The United States; Grantmakers Anticipate Philanthropy Playing More Important Role; Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy; The five biggest myths about impact investing; Four Points Sydney a five-star buy for Impact Investment; Gandel Philanthropy’s Vedran Drakulic sets $25,000 fundraising goal for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout; How top philanthropists wield power through their donations; Systems Change in a Polarized Country; Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact; Ford Foundation is unlikely convert to impact investing; Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact; Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t focus on charity because it’s already doing plenty of good; Flight Centre founders pour $18.5 million into conservation.

Scaling for transformative impact


“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results.” - Robin Sharma

2017 Australian Philanthropy Award Winners


The 2017 Awards, presented by Philanthropy Australia, recognised outstanding achievement in six categories: Best large grant, Best small grant, Environmental philanthropy, Gender-wise philanthropy, Indigenous philanthropy and Leading Philanthropist.

Dollars & Sense: New social enterprise book project


Noted philanthropist and impact investor, Geoff Harris, is backing a new book project to promote the social enterprise in Australia, while aiming to put something back into the social enterprise sector with grants funded from the book’s innovative sponsorship model.


Insights about impact

Christopher Baker and Wendy Scaife explore how impact influences giving choices using data from Giving Australia 2016.


Imagination is power: Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on why human beings are born to be entrepreneurs; philanthropy as social business investor; achieving ‘super happiness’; sharing failure; challenging the financial system; combatting inequality and more.

Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Impact100 Sydney to Leichardt Women’s Community Health Centre


  • ANZ Banking Group to FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew Fund


  • Ian Potter Foundation to Victoria University

    $5 million

  • Jack Ma Foundation to University of Newcastle

    $26.4 million

  • The Wicking Trust to The GroundSwell Project

    $390,000 over three years

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