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Latest: Charity regulators should not assume that donors always know best ; The millennials donating 10% of their pay to save the world; Why You Should Give Your Kids A Budget For Gift-Giving; Strengthening donor-nonprofit partnerships; Do Australians give enough at Christmas?; Aussies donate $1.6m each day; Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation gives $780,000 to community projects; Is it unethical for people to pass their wealth on to their children?; Largest intergenerational wealth transfer to come.


Mining Data to Help Combat PTSD

“World class research takes world class collaboration and 100% commitment.” How a close partnership is producing ground-breaking research on the long-term effects of PTSD on veterans.

social procurement

The Role Model: Social Traders

Social Traders has been the voice of social enterprises in Australia for nearly a decade, but now the organisation is practicing what it preaches – honing its focus to create greater impact. That focus is social procurement.

Artificial Intelligence

Aristotle’s AI

Will artificial intelligence help philanthropists make decisions with a "warm heart and a cold eye"? Caitriona Fay considers the influence of technology on philanthropy.

Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation to 16 groups including the Hunter Medical Research Institute.


  • Victoria Law Foundation to St Kilda Legal Service and Victorian AIDS Council


  • Paul Ramsay Foundation to Generation V

    $24.5 million

  • NFMRI to Dr Joanna Woodcock, University of South Australia


  • NFMRI to Professor Philip Sutton, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute


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