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Modern royal: The Prince’s Charities Australia Premium


Janine Kirk, CEO of The Prince’s Charities Australia, is responsible for developing and delivering projects that align with the many and varied charitable interests of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales in Australia. Here she shares her insights on what it takes to keep pace with The Prince’s appetite for social innovation.

Courageous philanthropy: Fleur Spitzer


Launching the new Fleur Spitzer Sub-Fund, Mary Crooks from the Victorian Women’s Trust described philanthropist Fleur Spitzer thus: “Instead of philanthropy with a predilection for conservative, safe and risk averse grantmaking, Fleur is a proud feminist, family woman, feisty and generous donor”.


Know thy impact

The Ian Potter Foundation’s Dr Squirrel Main lends her expertise to the topic that’s top of mind in philanthropy today: impact measurement.


Clarity of purpose: Justice Connect Premium

“Clarity is hard work—it’s much easier to be murky,” says Justice Connect CEO Fiona McLeay. On the eve of her trip to the US to take up her Stanford Australia Foundation Dyson Bequest Scholarship, she shares her insights about impact and what it takes to build successful partnerships with philanthropy.

Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Gandel Philanthropy – Snowdome Foundation to Dr Mary Ann Anderson, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

    $264,330 over three years

  • Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust to 11 organisations supporting women, girls & families in Victoria


  • The estate of Paula Kinnane to The University of Queensland

    $8 million

  • Danielle & Daniel Besen Foundation to Collingwood Arts Precinct

    $1 million

  • Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to Collingwood Arts Precinct

    $1 million

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