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Latest: How Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell-Jobs is quietly changing the world; 'Impact investing' in farm and food industries popular with wealthy; Rescue Helicopter volunteers visit helibase with a big cheque; Private equity billionaire is also a major philanthropist; Here’s how magazines like Harper’s and Mother Jones stay afloat; Asia's young rich people active in philanthropy; Big gifts flow to legacy nonprofits. What are the takeaways?; How businesses can include philanthropy in their company mission.

Canberra’s Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Snow Foundation has partnered with Hands Across Canberra to take the pulse of our nation’s capital.


Before I die

“Lee took my hand and we set off together on a fun and illuminating journey of life. I'm a little sad that we are reaching the end of my life story...” How volunteer biographers help the terminally ill tell their life stories – a gift for those they love.


Muhammad Yunus is chasing three zeroes

Nobel Laureate, inventor of microcredit and founder of Grameen Bank on how entrepreneurship and social business can lead us to a new world of zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions.

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  • icare foundation to Waves of Wellness


  • icare foundation to Limbs 4 Life


  • icare foundation to WheelEasy


  • Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Support Group and Op Shop to The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter service


  • Bega Cheese to Tulgeen assisted accommodation


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