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Need to know: Media morsels from near and far

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Latest: Sick of Online Hate? So Is This Billionaire Philanthropist; AEGN releases statement in response to government’s State of the Environment report; David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist, dies aged 101; How Trump Presidency Is Boosting Demand for Impact Investing, ESG Funds; How to Raise Your Child to Be a Philanthropist; The Future of African-American Philanthropy; How billionaire philanthropists could really make an impact; Out of the "Philanthropic Shadows." As the Toll from Opioids Grows, Who’s Giving for Addiction Medicine?; La Trobe half way to $50m target; Don’t Give Big. Instead, Invest Thoughtfully; Crowdfunding Will Change Philanthropy; Why philanthropy must do more on climate change; New social bond advocates gender equality.

Celebrating the economic empowerment of entrepreneurial women


This International Women’s Day, Opportunity International Australia is celebrating and honouring the millions of entrepreneurial women in developing countries who are using a small loan to start a business, earn a regular income and free themselves from poverty.

Philanthropy in a fearful world Premium


Unconstrained by short-term political cycles, philanthropy is uniquely placed to act as an advocate and defender of civil society so is it time to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway?’ ponders Fiona Higgins.


Small projects, big potential: EastWeb

Inclusive, accessible and personal are the hallmarks of EastWeb’s grantmaking approach which is overseen by a board comprised entirely of young people in their 20s and 30s.


Imagination is power: Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on why human beings are born to be entrepreneurs; philanthropy as social business investor; achieving ‘super happiness’; sharing failure; challenging the financial system; combatting inequality and more.

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Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Ian Potter Foundation to Victoria University

    $5 million

  • Jack Ma Foundation to University of Newcastle

    $26.4 million

  • The Wicking Trust to The GroundSwell Project

    $390,000 over three years

  • The Wicking Trust to National Ageing Research Institute

    $3.18 million over five years

  • The Wicking Trust to University of Tasmania

    $3.72 million over five years

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