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Latest: Big gifts for Victoria University; Giving like Bloomberg; 9 insights on Millennials & philanthropy; Gates Foundation CEO offers peek inside the foundation; Philanthropy needs to ask the right questions on arts funding; Humanitarian aid reached record level in 2015.

Partnering for impact: Sony Foundation


How the Sony Foundation is bringing together some of Australia’s biggest corporate names and leveraging the not insignificant assets of the Sony group of companies to change the lives of young people.

Impact: the heart of the matter Premium


Why does impact matter and how do we measure it? Sandy Blackburn-Wright explains these are fundamental questions for philanthropic funders but they also speak to the very heart our ongoing search for meaning.


Active engagement: The Bennelong Foundation Premium

The Bennelong Foundation walks the talk when it comes to staff engagement by curating a series of events and activities designed not only to award grants, but to promote the principles of philanthropy.


Maestro’s Circle: Sydney Symphony Orchestra Premium

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Artistic Director, David Robertson, is leading by example when it comes to philanthropic support for one of Australia’s most beloved arts organisations.

Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Dawkins to Victoria University

    $500,000 over five years

  • Susan Alberti AC to Victoria University

    $1 million

  • Lions Club to Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Children’s Cancer Institute; Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

    $3.2 million

  • Ian Potter Foundation to University of Tasmania’s Faculty of Education


  • Ian Potter Foundation to Tantrum Youth Arts


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