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Latest: Beyoncé as philanthropist: Where's the superstar's latest gift headed?; Every 10 minutes, six tonnes of clothing goes to Aussie landfills; Reframing sexual violence from #MeToo to Time’s Up; A bipartisan climate campaign lands another big gift; Five tips to avoid a scandal like Oxfam Great Britain’s; How Melbourne lost its last refuge for the vulnerable; The rise of Africa's new philanthropists; #MeToo scandal hits major Silicon Valley philanthropy nonprofit.

Nonprofit sector leading the nation on innovation


Around 95% of NFP organisations are actively pursuing innovation or improvement strategies, with the sector also leading the adoption of several cutting-edge technologies, Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Media Morsels From Near and Far

philanthropy news

Latest: The bittersweet tale of Hershey’s philanthropy; Fundraising with small change; When #MeToo infamy taints your famous benefactor; Giving among the new wealthy; ‘I have a bulls**t job’: Why Kochie supports the Good Friday Appeal; A donor-advised fund for the wealthy startup crowd looking to do good.

Asian Australian Foundation

In her own voice

Asian Australian Foundation and The Gathering Circle founder Cheri Ong on crashing stereotypes and changing mindsets to create a more empowered and giving community.

International Women's Day

Inspirational women and their big ideas

Having supported hundreds of women over the past 10 years, on International Women's Day philanthropy advisor Julia Keady reflects on one incredible woman whose love of humanity is having a ripple effect beyond her wildest dreams.


Risky business Premium

One of the advantages that philanthropy conveys in a democratic society is its ability to able to absorb higher levels of risk. But are philanthropists stepping up and fulfilling this necessary function?

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  • Andrew and Paula Liveris to University of Queensland

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