Future Generation Global Company (FGG) CEO Louise Walsh

“This year we are donated $3 million to FGG charities and $3.8 million to the FGX charities.” FGG CEO Louise Walsh

Future Generation Global Company’s unique funding model is helping the Butterfly Foundation offer an important program to prevent young people developing severe eating disorders.

The Butterfly Foundation is launching Australia’s first outpatient program for young people with early signs of eating disorders.

It’s a program that Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) and Future Generation Global Company (FGG) CEO Louise Walsh was determined to support after hearing of the program’s success in the US.

“If an Australian went and undertook that program in LA, the fees are astronomically high, way out of reach of an ordinary Australian family,” says Walsh. “When I heard about that I thought, ‘Why can’t we be the initial funder of doing something like that’.”

FGG and FSX both have the dual mandate of providing investors with great returns and helping support underfunded charities. FGG provides shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers and supports Australian charities dealing with mental health. FGX gives investors access to Australian fund managers and supports Australian charities…

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