Ansett's legacy

The RM Ansett Trust was set up under the will of Sir Reginald Ansett, a well-known Australian businessman, aviator and philanthropist who died in 1981. He was best known for founding Ansett Airways, one of Australia's two leading domestic airlines between 1937 and 2001. He was also the founder of what is now known as the Channel 10 TV station in Melbourne.

Despite its philanthropic intentions, Sir Reginald's will was not without controversy. When he died in 1981, he left his widow as the custodian of the family estate. But after the death of Lady Ansett in 2003, the estate passed into the hands of trustees, as per Ansett's will.

Most of Ansett's fortune went to race clubs, schools and charities - with only a small percentage being passed on to his children. Three of the aviator's five children launched legal challenges, and a settlement was eventually reached.

Helping children 'take their place'

The Ansett Trust is committing more than $1.25 million in its inaugural grants; the key aim being to help…

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