Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bangarra Dance Theatre's latest production, Bennelong. Photo by Vishal Pandey.

At first glance, Bangarra Dance Theatre and Boral have little in common. One is an iconic dance company, the other supplies building and construction materials. Yet the two organisations are celebrating a 15-year partnership that has nurtured both organisations.

“Yes we are very different organisations on the face of it, but I remember Stephen Page identifying early on the common bond Boral and Bangarra have with the land in this country,” says Boral’s Group Communications & Investor Relations Director, Kylie Fitzgerald, referring to Bangarra’s Artistic Director.

“Yes, we quarry resources from the land, but we recognise the privilege we have been given in doing that and we have an enormous respect for the land that sustains us. Our people are hands-on, managing biodiversity and protecting cultural heritage in our operations and in our communities.”

In 2002, Boral was actively looking to build a partnership to engage its people in the places the company operated. “When we realised Bangarra toured in regional areas as well as capital cities, and that the cultural alignment went…

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