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Small projects, big potential: EastWeb


Inclusive, accessible and personal are the hallmarks of EastWeb’s grantmaking approach which is overseen by a board comprised entirely of young people in their 20s and 30s.

Through the generations: Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Premium


Four generations of the Fairfax family have contributed to the Foundation’s work since its establishment in 1962. Times may have changed, but VFFF’s core philanthropic essence remains the same says Foundation CEO Jenny Wheatley.

10 questions with Malinda Wink, Good Pitch Australia


Good Pitch has been one of the most beloved social change events since it debuted in Australia in 2014. On the eve of the third and final Australian Good Pitch event, we go behind the scenes with CEO Malinda Wink.

Why philanthropy should invest in social enterprise Premium


The keynote by Mark Gunton, from the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, was one of the most talked about presentations at the recent Philanthropy Australia conference. That’s not to say it was universally lauded—but it did put social enterprise squarely on philanthropy’s radar.

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Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Impact100 Sydney to Leichardt Women’s Community Health Centre


  • ANZ Banking Group to FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew Fund


  • Ian Potter Foundation to Victoria University

    $5 million

  • Jack Ma Foundation to University of Newcastle

    $26.4 million

  • The Wicking Trust to The GroundSwell Project

    $390,000 over three years

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