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Mining Data to Help Combat PTSD


“World class research takes world class collaboration and 100% commitment.” How a close partnership is producing ground-breaking research on the long-term effects of PTSD on veterans.

The Role Model: Social Traders

social procurement

Social Traders has been the voice of social enterprises in Australia for nearly a decade, but now the organisation is practicing what it preaches – honing its focus to create greater impact. That focus is social procurement.

Three Years to Save the World


“We must now redirect capital away from fossil fuels and toward zero carbon solutions with an urgency that reflects the surety of the science and the scale of what we have to lose.” AEGN’s Lou O’Halloran on why and how philanthropists can divest from fossil fuels.

Leadership in Crisis?


Poor leadership is like putting your sewage discharge into your drinking water. Before you know it, everything is toxic.

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Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation to 16 groups including the Hunter Medical Research Institute.


  • Victoria Law Foundation to St Kilda Legal Service and Victorian AIDS Council


  • Paul Ramsay Foundation to Generation V

    $24.5 million

  • NFMRI to Dr Joanna Woodcock, University of South Australia


  • NFMRI to Professor Philip Sutton, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute


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