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Risky business Premium


One of the advantages that philanthropy conveys in a democratic society is its ability to able to absorb higher levels of risk. But are philanthropists stepping up and fulfilling this necessary function?

The art of giving in business

The Good Guys partnered with Orange Sky Laundry – Australia’s first mobile laundry for the homeless.

Corporate giving can provide your business with many rewards beyond establishing goodwill. Andrew Muir shares his advice for maximising the effectiveness of your company’s gifts.

Ma & Morley: How UON was gifted US$20m

Jack Ma

Developing the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program at The University of Newcastle was quite a feat. Emily Cox tells the story of the complexities involved in coordinating this landmark philanthropic commitment.

What’s all the Fuss About Facebook?


Businesses and the media are rattled by the changes to Facebook, but it’s actually good news for philanthropy and not-for-profits. Luke Edwards explains.

Rethinking philanthropy


Have you reached nirvana yet or are you stuck in inertia? Teresa Zolnierkiewicz explains the 5 Stages of Philanthropy.

PAFs Unpacked: What is a Private Ancillary Fund?

Private Ancillary Fund

Private Ancillary Funds are structures for strategic long-term giving that can give donors tax deductibility, flexibility, and deeper engagement in their charitable giving. This coming year they could distribute approximately $800 million, says JB Were’s Shamal Dass.

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Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • The Funding Network to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation


  • The Funding Network to Zara’s House Refugee Women’s Centre


  • The Funding Network to The Sanctuary Women and Children’s Refuge


  • Hand Heart Pocket to Hear and Say


  • Andrew and Paula Liveris to University of Queensland

    $13.5 milion

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