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Latest: The Pivotal Importance Of Purposeful Philanthropy In The United States; Grantmakers Anticipate Philanthropy Playing More Important Role; Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy; The five biggest myths about impact investing; Four Points Sydney a five-star buy for Impact Investment; Gandel Philanthropy’s Vedran Drakulic sets $25,000 fundraising goal for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout; How top philanthropists wield power through their donations; Systems Change in a Polarized Country; Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact; Ford Foundation is unlikely convert to impact investing; Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact; Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t focus on charity because it’s already doing plenty of good; Flight Centre founders pour $18.5 million into conservation.

Scaling for transformative impact


“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results.” – Robin Sharma

2017 Australian Philanthropy Award Winners


The 2017 Awards, presented by Philanthropy Australia, recognised outstanding achievement in six categories: Best large grant, Best small grant, Environmental philanthropy, Gender-wise philanthropy, Indigenous philanthropy and Leading Philanthropist.

Dollars & Sense: New social enterprise book project


Noted philanthropist and impact investor, Geoff Harris, is backing a new book project to promote the social enterprise in Australia, while aiming to put something back into the social enterprise sector with grants funded from the book’s innovative sponsorship model.

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Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • Impact100 Sydney to Leichardt Women’s Community Health Centre


  • ANZ Banking Group to FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew Fund


  • Ian Potter Foundation to Victoria University

    $5 million

  • Jack Ma Foundation to University of Newcastle

    $26.4 million

  • The Wicking Trust to The GroundSwell Project

    $390,000 over three years

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