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Media Morsels From Near and Far

philanthropy news

Latest: Beyoncé as philanthropist: Where’s the superstar’s latest gift headed?; Every 10 minutes, six tonnes of clothing goes to Aussie landfills; Reframing sexual violence from #MeToo to Time’s Up; A bipartisan climate campaign lands another big gift; Five tips to avoid a scandal like Oxfam Great Britain’s; How Melbourne lost its last refuge for the vulnerable; The rise of Africa’s new philanthropists; #MeToo scandal hits major Silicon Valley philanthropy nonprofit.

Nonprofit sector leading the nation on innovation


Around 95% of NFP organisations are actively pursuing innovation or improvement strategies, with the sector also leading the adoption of several cutting-edge technologies, Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Media Morsels From Near and Far

philanthropy news

Latest: The bittersweet tale of Hershey’s philanthropy; Fundraising with small change; When #MeToo infamy taints your famous benefactor; Giving among the new wealthy; ‘I have a bulls**t job’: Why Kochie supports the Good Friday Appeal; A donor-advised fund for the wealthy startup crowd looking to do good.

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  • The Funding Network to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation


  • The Funding Network to Zara’s House Refugee Women’s Centre


  • The Funding Network to The Sanctuary Women and Children’s Refuge


  • Hand Heart Pocket to Hear and Say


  • Andrew and Paula Liveris to University of Queensland

    $13.5 milion

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