Change The World is a free one-day event, designed to educate and inspire not for profits and social enterprises about how social media and modern-day marketing can fuel growth.

“We had been doing a lot of pro-bono hours teaching social media strategy, but that is just not sustainable for a small business, and it doesn’t have a high-impact for the cause,” explains social entrepreneur and Hancock Creative director, Alecia Hancock. “Instead we realised we could do what we do best on a far bigger scale.”

“I’m absolutely blown away by the people who have put their hands up to be part of Change the World. We have Thankyou’s General Manager of Marketing, Sarah Prescott, flying across the country to tell the story of how Thankyou launched and grew using guerrilla marketing, and without any funding from government or corporates.

“We have Nick Bowditch speaking, who is the only person in the southern hemisphere to work for both Facebook and Twitter.

“Even our MC, Richard Bell, was named by Start-up Daily as one of the Top 3 Emerging Leaders in Australia.”

According to Hancock, the event, to be held in Perth on 24 November, will teach not for profits how the marketing landscape has changed, and give them practical advice on increasing their impact in 2017 and beyond.

“The world we live in has changed,” Hancock says.

“Our television is on demand and without ads. We listen to podcasts in the car. Fewer people are reading magazines and newspapers. If you want to reach people in today’s world, you’ve got to change your strategies and speak to people where they spend their time—online.

“I speak with a lot of causes and I know some people are still scared about social media, but the truth is people are already speaking about your brand online, whether you are there or not.”

Hancock Creative isn’t the only Perth business passionate about speaking up for cause space. Local businesses Visible, The Game Changers, Blank Canvas Visuals and Progressive Legal have stepped up to sponsor the event.

Visible director Matt Hanham says he feels financial sustainability is a key issue facing the cause space.

“More causes need to focus on growing activities that are consistent with their mission and generate revenue at the same time,” he explains.

“This will supplement any funding they receive, allowing organisations to gain greater control of their long term plans.

“Causes need to be leveraging the power of social media, especially Facebook right now, to amplify their mission online.  Successful organisations are gaining traction with fundraising goals, boosting volunteer networks and sharing their purpose everyday via powerful storytelling on social media.”

Blank Canvas Visuals’ director Justin Bourn says nonprofits should be run like a business and Ian Aldridge from Progressive Legal says a business plan is essential.

“Even not for profits need a business plan—it’s absolutely crucial for any business, regardless of the ultimate motive,” says Aldridge. “I can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure long term success.”

Success also needs to be measured and shared, says Digit Books founder Andrew Erkins.

“Know your numbers and use them to have meaningful conversations with key stakeholders – donors, directors, and your community. What is the real impact of the money you’ve received, and what stories do your numbers tell?

“It’s not just about preparing figures for accounting purposes, it’s about using those figures to tell a story.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny, one person cause or a multi-million-dollar fundraiser, all causes can step up and Change the World.


Want to help or register for a free ticket? Head to the Change the World website or follow Hancock Creative on Facebook.