Simon Mordant is an interesting mix of right brain and left brain. As joint chief executive officer of Greenhill Caliburn, the left (analytical) side of his brain gets a work out calculating all sorts of numbers and scenarios in the cut and thrust world of corporate take overs and other huge financial deals.

But a love of art exercises the right (creative) side of his brain and he has become a keen collector of contemporary works, a passion he shares with his wife Catriona.

About a decade ago, the Mordants began to make major gifts to a variety of nonprofit organisations, and in 2010 the couple received the Australia Business Arts Foundation Philanthropy Award, the first time it has been awarded to a couple.

Origins of giving

Mordant hasn't always had the capacity to make large donations. He didn't inherit family money, and so has built wealth over time through dint of hard work, sharp intellect, and a stellar career in the financial services sector.

For many years Simon and Catriona frequently gave small donations,…

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