Do we need bolder leadership in philanthropy?

According to some of the most prominent names in the sector, the answer is a resounding YES.


We need bolder leadership everywhere. What are we afraid of? Philanthropists were the original innovators and reformers of social change. They used their status and funds to take on institutions, governments and social norms. Philanthropists are meant to be disruptors! Allan English, Jill Reichstein, Graeme Wood and Geoff Wilson are some of the philanthropists I really see using their imagination to think beyond Now to Next. Ian Darling and the Good Pitch crew truly transformed and joined-up philanthropy like no others this year. Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman = #gold. They consistently show up, are wide awake and persist in pushing the envelope in all that they do. The Myer Innovation Fellowship is the only opportunity in Australia for people in the social sector to get paid to try out new ideas. What a gift!!” Jan Owen AM, CEO Foundation for Young Australians


Here’s a recent quote that…

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