Hancock Creative presents Change the World 2017

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Hancock Creative presents Change the World 2017
October 24
September 5, 2017
Telethon Speech & Hearing
36 Dodd St, Wembley WA 6014

Hancock Creative are offering a free educational full-day event in Perth on October 24.

The event, Change the World, is specifically designed for nonprofits, social enterprises and community organisations.

Change the World is a unique full-day education event where industry leaders from across Australia share their knowledge on innovative digital marketing and social-media strategies.

There are currently five industry recognised speakers registered for the event:

  • Nick Bowditch
  • Alecia Hancock
  • Richard Bell
  • Scott Guerini
  • Richelle King

Hancock Creative estimates the tickets are valued at $397.

To find out more about the speakers or to register visit the website.



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  • Sydney Community Foundation and Sydney Airport to 107 Projects


  • Ramaciotti Foundations to Seven Australian biomedical researchers

    $1.7 million

  • Christine Wilson and Family to Snowdome Foundation

    $5.5 million

  • Kennards Hire to Redkite


  • Catriona and Simon Mordant to Sydney Dance Company


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