Thankyou app on iPad

If you’ve ever bought a bottle of water from 7-Eleven or indulged in a tub of coffee scrub from the health and beauty aisle of your local supermarket, chances are you’ve purchased a Thankyou product.

Since day one, the Melbourne-based social enterprise has committed 100% of its profits to fund access to safe water, toilets, food, safe births and healthcare projects around the world. Its Track Your Impact (TYI) app allows customers to see the impact they are making to help end global poverty.

“Track Your Impact is our way to show radical transparency and connect customers with their impact,” Thankyou’s digital and UX design manager Wesley Rodricks says.

“When a customer enters their tracker code, it shows them a photo on Google Maps with GPS coordinates of the project their product helps to fund. It’s a direct connection with the impact they are making to help end global poverty.”

Yump was engaged to help Thankyou redesign its TYI user experience and redevelop the app to align and integrate with its redesigned website.

The goal was to get more people to create a TYI profile and track their impact, in order to strengthen transparency, engagement and loyalty between Thankyou and its customers.

So what does this all mean?


For Thankyou, the benefits are twofold. More people actively engaging with the app means more people are aware of Thankyou’s mission to help end global poverty, and the part they are playing by buying a Thankyou product.

Not only does this increase brand loyalty and trust, but it helps to sell products. In eight years, Thankyou has given $5.5 million to fund projects in 22 countries.

“Empowering humanity to choose a world without poverty” is the mission that drives Thankyou. TYI directly links the consumer to the impact of their purchase, further informing and empowering their choices.

The success of the app is attributed to Thankyou’s UX team and Yump working together to grow the app, develop the user experience and increase conversion.

We wanted to help Thankyou turn a product buyer into a movement builder. To do this, we had to inform people about Thankyou’s great social impact, educate people about the tracking functionality, and make it really easy.

Thankyou's iPhone app

“When a customer enters their tracker code, it shows them a photo on Google Maps with GPS coordinates of the project their product helps to fund. It’s a direct connection with the impact they are making to help end global poverty.”


A strong commitment to transparency is fundamental to the success of both the Thankyou brand and the TYI app.

The app provides real people with real figures about where their money is going. Rather than just asking for donations to a cause, it allows consumers to engage with their own story.

Along with improving the user experience, Yump utilised additional storytelling techniques to speak to consumers clearly and meaningfully. These include real-world figures of Thankyou’s total world impact, eye-catching icons and map legends, as well as detailed descriptions about each impacted country.

This brings to life a real, unprecedentedly-detailed picture of the size, reach and impact of Thankyou’s footprints.


Part of Yump’s goal was to address low signup rates. This was as much about increasing numbers as it was about improving bounce rates.

The redesign, paired with strategic marketing from the Thankyou team, resulted in a 100% increase in the number of sign-ups and a 200% increase in the total number of products being tracked by customers within months of the redevelopment.

These positive results don’t just signify a successful, singular campaign, but an improved overall journey, achieved by a sense of engagement, belonging and impact that TYI creates and connects individuals with.


TYI’s success extends beyond increased product sales and the funding of social and sustainable projects. It’s also contributing to a wider educational conversation, with the app becoming very popular in Australian schools.

“We created TYI to celebrate and honour our movement’s combined contribution in helping to eradicate poverty by connecting consumers with their specific impact,” Thankyou’s chief impact officer Pete Yao says.

“As schools are actively engaging more with topics around global poverty, we have received feedback that TYI is used by both educators and students as a dynamic learning platform that adds further insights into understanding the context and solutions of sustainable, global development.”

Yuan Wang is Yump’s creative director.

You can earn more about cause-based UX and digital agency, Yump, here, visit Thankyou here, and Track Your Impact here by inputting your tracker ID and following the prompts.