“My goodness, you’ve got a lot of energy around philanthropy in Australia!” exclaims Dame Julia Cleverdon.

“It’s fantastic what’s happening, and it’s palpably different to 15 years ago. Now in Australia you’ve got the most incredibly vibrant, bubbly, philanthropic operation with lots of people who’ve made a bit of money or may just have decided that they’re going to club together with others like the Melbourne Women’s Fund giving circle—I talk about that across the whole of Britain! I don’t think we’ve got anything quite like it.”

Dame Julia speaks with characteristic gusto about many topics, but especially leadership, cross-sector collaboration and young people making a difference.

Named by The Times as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Britain, Dame Julia is a former Special Adviser to The Prince’s Charities and a tireless campaigner for “a more robust civil society.”

In this Q&A, Dame Julia shared insights from her many years’ worth of leadership experience, current concerns and hopes, and several hearty laughs with Generosity editor, Nicole Richards.


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