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The Pivotal Importance Of Purposeful Philanthropy In The United States

Huffington Post: Trump’s federal budget will make philanthropy even more critical than it is today in the United States for promoting the common good and equality of opportunity for all and not just the privileged few.

Grantmakers Anticipate Philanthropy Playing More Important Role

Philanthropy News Digest: The informal “Pulse Check” survey looked at how changes today in politics may impact philanthropic behaviour in the year ahead, both in terms of giving practices and investments.

Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy

Huffington Post: At the Pollination Project, our team has used a decentralized “flow funding” model, all over the world, to reach activists and projects that are otherwise cut off from traditional funding sources.

The five biggest myths about impact investing

Investment News: It is time to put the old perceptions and uninformed impressions to rest

Four Points Sydney a five-star buy for Impact Investment

The Australian: Aggressive Melbourne fund manager Impact Investment Group has entered the Sydney hotel market for the first time, buying the yet to be completed Four Points by Sheraton hotel at Central Park as well as a significant parcel of office space in a deal worth nearly $190 million.

Gandel Philanthropy’s Vedran Drakulic sets $25,000 fundraising goal for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout

All donations received for Drakulic’s participation in the CEO Sleepout 2017 will once again be matched dollar-for-dollar by Gandel Philanthropy.

How top philanthropists wield power through their donations

New York Times: Big philanthropic donations garner big attention. And any criticism of them often comes long after the ribbon-cutting, and even then it can seem churlish.

Systems Change in a Polarized Country

SSIR: A growing number of US foundations are adopting practices based on systems change to achieve their goals in the current political environment.

Ford Foundation is unlikely convert to impact investing

New York Times: The Foundation is now in the vanguard of an approach to endowment management that breaks with generations of investment orthodoxy.

Now Is the Time for Foundations to Invest for Mission and Impact

SSIR: You don’t have to be one of the nation’s largest foundations or committed to 100 percent for mission to have a major impact.

Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t focus on charity because it’s already doing plenty of good

Quartz: to Facebook, giving back means focusing on social media.

Flight Centre founders pour $18.5 million into conservation

Brisbane Times: Flight Centre founder Graham Turner and his wife, Jude Turner, launched the collaboration with the University of Queensland at their Spicers Hidden Vale retreat at Grandchester, west of Brisbane.

Real Change: How This Grantmaker Got Serious About Diversity

Inside Philanthropy: After years of paying lip service to the concepts of diversity and inclusion, some charities have completely restructured their operations—going well beyond the tokenism that has angered and alienated minority communities for years.

Social enterprise from both sides of the fence – Generosity Forum 2017

Social Traders: “It’s the role of philanthropy to drive social innovation and support organisations working to do things differently in order to make a difference” – Natalie Elliott, William Buckland Foundation.

Omidyar network gives $100 million to boost journalism and fight hate speech

Washington Post: The philanthropy established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar will contribute $100 million to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation and counteract hate speech around the world.

Shaping the future of philanthropy

Perpetual: A landmark report on Australia’s philanthropic sector has revealed philanthropists are placing the organisations behind the causes under intensifying scrutiny when determining their funding priorities.

Australian Unity Trustees creates philanthropy role

Investor Daily: Australian Unity Trustees has appointed Caroline Whitby to a newly introduced leadership role aimed at managing the business’ philanthropic work.

Solving the World’s Biggest Problems: Better Philanthropy Through Systems Change

SSIR: A growing number of philanthropists and nonprofits are embracing the principles of systems change as an effective way to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Unleashing the Power of Endowments: The Next Great Challenge for Philanthropy

SSIR: For the better part of two decades, the world of philanthropy has been engaged in an important, sometimes contested, conversation about “impact”—both how we measure it and how we deliver it.

The Ford Foundation Is Committing Up To $1 Billion To Mission-Related Investments

Forbes: For social entrepreneurs, it means a major endorsement of the double-bottom line approach and, of course, potentially more financing from the funds receiving the foundation’s money.

Nonprofit sector the happiest at work

Mwah: New research conducted by Curtin University, in collaboration with Making Work Absolutely Human (mwah.), reveals that while pay, job security and hours of work count, it’s the job itself that matters most.

Learning to use the philanthropy tool box

LMCF: Catherine Brown shares the three most important things she’s learned while working in philanthropy.

Yes, Men’s Giving Circles Exist! How Guys Are Stepping Up to Give Locally

Inside Philanthropy: We are seeing more networked donor efforts spearheaded by men. And we’re seeing some male giving circles, too.

Is there a disconnect between impact investing and gender lens investing? It’s complicated

Generocity: “We don’t really invest with a gender lens, and I personally don’t, but I have invested in a lot of companies that are led by women,” said Investors’ Circle President Annarie Lyles.

Impact Investment Group plans to buy Sydney hotel and offices

The Australian: Funds manager Impact Investment Group is planning its first hotel acquisition by buying Sydney’s Four Points by Sheraton, Central Park and some associated office space in a deal worth about $190 million.

Strengthening the Impact Investing Movement

SSIR: Segmenting the field to better align expectations of risk, returns, and impact; increasing the rate of adoption with important stakeholders; and stepping up work in the United States—a look at Omidyar Network’s priorities in advancing the movement.

The Problem With Modern Philanthropy

The Atlantic: A new book argues that the giving patterns of today’s wealthy may present challenges to the democratic process.

A new way of giving is changing philanthropy

The Economist: But concerns linger over some features of donor-advised funds.

Like George Michael, we’re all private philanthropists

Guardian: Much has been made of the singer’s secret donations, but people on lower incomes give proportionately more than wealthy donors without any fanfare.

Sick of Online Hate? So Is This Billionaire Philanthropist

Inside Philanthropy: The Omidyar Network is providing seed funding for an Anti-Defamation League centre in Silicon Valley that will help digital companies find ways to fight online hate.

AEGN releases statement in response to government’s State of the Environment report

AEGN: Compiled every five years, the report provides a powerful roadmap authored by independent scientists. For philanthropists it provides an opportunity to consider how they can make a real difference to the future of our environment.

David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist, dies aged 101

Guardian: Last of his generation in one of America’s most famous families led a network of interests both business and philanthropic, from conservation to the arts.

How Trump Presidency Is Boosting Demand for Impact Investing, ESG Funds

Think Advisor: Trump’s executive orders and proposed budget cuts affecting environmental and social programs are increasing demand for impact and ESG investments.

How to Raise Your Child to Be a Philanthropist

Wall Street Journal: Experts advise to start talking to children about philanthropy when they’re young and continue to have those discussions as they grow.

The Future of African-American Philanthropy

Philanthropy News Digest: African Americans are four times as likely as donors from other racial or ethnic groups to use social media to raise funds and/or awareness for a cause.

How billionaire philanthropists could really make an impact

Ethical Corporation: If the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were to put their money into impact investment instead of grants they could make a real contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Out of the “Philanthropic Shadows.” As the Toll from Opioids Grows, Who’s Giving for Addiction Medicine?

Inside Philanthropy: Few foundations and major donors are dedicating resources to combating what’s been called America’s worst drug crisis ever.

La Trobe half way to $50m target

The Australian: La Trobe University’s first ever fundraising campaign got off to a bright start after it managed to attract $20 million in donations.

Don’t Give Big. Instead, Invest Thoughtfully.

SSIR: This spring, community foundations around the US will host one-day, online giving campaigns for nonprofits in their regions. But the model needs an overhaul if it’s going to benefit more than the community foundations themselves.

Philanthropist Chuck Feeney’s tale inspired Bain Capital MD Amit Chandra to donate wealth

Economic Times: During a trip to San Francisco, the Bain Capital top boss met philanthropist Chuck Feeney, who is one of the biggest givers of the past 100 years.

Crowdfunding Will Change Philanthropy—But How?

Nonprofit Quarterly: Crowdfunding generated more than $34 billion in worldwide donations, equity funding, and person-to-person lending in 2015.

Why philanthropy must do more on climate change

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation: Given structures and technologies available right now, it is still possible for nations to transition to clean energy in a cost-effective manner and over a reasonable period of time—improving billions of lives.

New social bond advocates gender equality

Financial Standard: National Australia Bank is issuing a social bond that will enable institutional investors to directly invest in Australian organisations actively championing women and equality in the workplace.

Lessons Learned from a Journey to Impact Investing

Center for Effective Philanthropy: Through this learning process, we came to appreciate that all of our capital — intellectual, social, and financial — has a shared purpose.

Can millennials, crowdfunding, and impact investing change the world?

Huffington Post: As millennials continue to age and start investing, more and more companies are likely to recognise potential in crowdfunding for impact investment.

Atlassian founders plant seeds of expanding culture of giving

The Australian: The 1 per cent pledge taken by Farquhar and Cannon-Brookes, now both 37, has evolved into a broader philanthropic movement.

Climate Institute to shut due to lack of philanthropic support

Sydney Morning Herald: Australia’s original climate change-focused think-tank and lobby group will shut after it failed to replace the multi-million-dollar bequest it relied on.

Chinese Women 42% More Engaged in Philanthropy Than Men

Yahoo Finance: A new survey out this week to coincide with International Women’s Day says Chinese women are considerably more likely than their male counterparts to donate to philanthropic projects.

Is the Philanthropic Elite a Scourge of Democracy or Its Guarantor?

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Americans Are Sick of Foundations and Other Elite Institutions That ‘Know Best’.

The Civic Media Crisis and What Philanthropy Can Do

SSIR: Protecting the independent media and the public sphere presents an epic challenge, but there is great opportunity for philanthropy to step up and help.

Philanthropist’s wish a step closer to reality

The Australian: In an age of blossoming philanthropic generosity, the latest gift from health magnate Paul Ramsay looks set to blow all records out of the water.

Sisters are doing it for themselves: Women in Philanthropy

Equity Trustees: Increasing numbers of women are taking a leading role empowering change through philanthropy – contributing their money, expertise and leadership to charities and social enterprises.

Individual charity up 6-fold in 5 yrs

Times of India: The number of philanthropists in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

Impact investing in the age of President Trump

Investment News: If implemented, the president’s policies could have a profound effect on issues that resonate with a growing number of investors: the environment, social issues and corporate governance.

Support a worthy cause and make money with impact investing

The Australian: How can common investors (ie, not “sophisticated investors”) deliberately invest in assets that make a social impact?

Grassroots non-profits hone their pitches to win a slice of the charity dollar

ABC Radio: Some charities have come a long way from the days of rattling tins on street corners. Indeed, many have copied the film and TV world by crafting slick pitches to catch the attention of investors and as AM discovered, they can quickly pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In Defense of Pet Causes

SSIR: The effective altruism movement could be more effective if it encouraged adoption of its principles within causes and geographies, not just across them.

The challenge for impact investing is management, not measurement

LSE Business Review: We still haven’t clearly defined what we mean when we talk about impact.

‘Double defaulter’ charities risking loss of charity status

ACNC: More than 1,300 registered charities are at risk of having the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) revoke their registration, for twice failing to submit their annual reports.

Taking the Pledge: Inside the Next Big Wave of Tech Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: It’s about a culture of giving emerging throughout the younger provinces of the tech sector, with millennial entrepreneurs breaking down the divisions between business and philanthropy.

Three Ways Universities Can Dramatically Advance Social Enterprise

SSIR: A growing number of schools are advancing the pedagogy and practice of social enterprise, and today have much more to offer than they did a generation ago.

Nonprofits in the digital world

Fundraising & Philanthropy: According to Caitriona Fay, some nonprofits need to lift their game if they want to thrive in the digital world – and good governance is key.

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Is Philanthropy Finally Making Real Progress on Homelessness?

Inside Philanthropy: It’s been hard to scale solutions that work and the amounts of money it takes to make a dent here are daunting to private funders.

Fueling the Momentum of Impact Investing

SSIR: Jean Case outlines three trends that will drive scale and take impact investing to the next level.

Bright like a diamond: Harvard honours Rihanna’s philanthropy

The Telegraph: The Grammy Award-winning singer was honoured as Harvard’s 2017 Humanitarian of the Year.

How social entrepreneurs begin to measure impact

Forbes: There are two keys to becoming a good social entrepreneur: intentionality and accountability.

Millennials Are Influencing The Future Of Philanthropy

Forbes: Rather than making random or one-off donations, they are a generation characterized by integrating the causes they care about into their daily routines and purchase behaviours.

How To Align Your Investments With Your Moral Compass

Forbes: What if there was an investment philosophy which focused on companies that are “doing the right” thing?

When Impact Investing Is All About the People

SSIR: Impact investing strategies often focus on returns, but one family foundation’s sights are set on building human capacity, collaboration, and diversity in the field.

Couple gives land for housing

Courier Mail: A Couple who will leave a legacy of 50 affordable homes for needy families has called for more philanthropy from business to address Australia’s housing crisis.

How Melinda Gates’ own history helped shape the billionaire’s philanthropy

Upworthy: One of the wealthiest women on earth, Melinda Gates, recently opened up about an unexpected secret to her success: contraceptives.

Philanthropy’s Middlemen Are Getting Bigger and Have More Clout. Is That a Good Thing?

Inside Philanthropy: The best thing about the explosion of intermediaries is that this trend has made giving easier at a time when a record number of Americans hold significant wealth.

Stop Raising Awareness Already

SSIR: Too many organisations concentrate on raising awareness about an issue without knowing how to translate that awareness into action.

The art of giving back

The Australian: Almost everyone on this earth is a philanthropist. It’s not to do with money, it’s to do with giving back, whether it is time or energy, or ideas, or money.

Using Knowledge to Improve Funder Practice

SSIR: Many organisations are creating and disseminating knowledge about the practice of philanthropy, but does that information actually influence how funders operate?

Leveraging All Assets for Social Good

SSIR: To bring more resources to bear on the challenges facing children and families, funders can step outside their traditional grantmaking role to invest in innovative and mission-focused efforts.

Investing in Our Future and the Role of New Capital Markets

Pro Bono: If Australia wants impact investing to work better, the charity sector needs to be actively involved in the critical discussions, including the current government consultation process.

Three Ways To Boost Your Organisation’s Philanthropic Efforts

Forbes: As financial executives, we’ve seen sales soar and have achieved many of our goals. But our impact can reach far beyond how good our own bottom lines look.

Four Questions About the Future of Gates Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: Bill and Melinda Gates’ latest annual letter takes stock of some of the progress they’ve made so far with their philanthropy—but leaves key questions unanswered.

Social enterprise is fast becoming the new charity in New Zealand

Stuff: Profit and charity aren’t two words usually associated with one another, but a growing number of Kiwi entrepreneurs are mixing business with karma to create social change.

Balancing Act: Tricky Times for Community Foundations in the Age of Trump

Inside Philanthropy: Community foundations are unique in the philanthrosphere in terms of the diversity of stakeholders that they need to keep happy.

nib foundation calls for EOIs for Multi-Year Partnerships

nib foundation: EOIs close 17 March for a total of $1.5 million which will be allocated to new projects supporting accessible and innovative health promotion and primary prevention initiatives.

The Latest Tech Player to Step Up Big (and Early) for Philanthropy: Snapchat

Inside Philanthropy: Last week, Spiegel and Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy announced the creation of the Snap Foundation, and by the looks of things, it’s going to have some serious money behind it.

Australia’s First Homelessness Social Impact Bond Reaches ‘Fruition’

Pro Bono: South Australia has launched the country’s first homelessness social impact bond, which will support 600 people through a program focused on life skills and employment pathways.

The Art of Advocacy Strategy

SSIR: Making our activism smart in a new political era.

A New Paradigm: Toward a User-Centered Social Sector

SSIR: How the social sector might transform from a market for funding to a market for social impact.

Taking Our Rightful Seat at the Institutional Investor Table

SSIR: Most foundations have endowments with invested assets—but many don’t see themselves as institutional investors. As a result, they are leaving behind some of their influence.

A Big Step: How One Foundation Overcame Doubts and Moved Forward with Impact Investing

Inside Philanthropy: Only a relatively small pool of funders and foundation assets are invested with their missions in mind.

The Best Employers Are Adding Giving Back to Their Core

Forbes: Leading employers are finding ways to use charitable efforts to connect employees to their work and ultimately drive a more productive, engaged workforce.

Philanthropy 50: Nike Mogul Tops Chart While Tech Giants Flex Charity Muscle

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, top this year’s annual ranking of the 50 Americans who donate the most to charity.

Fundraising isn’t enough to bridge the gap

Performing Arts Hub: Australia’s symphony orchestras have massively increased their philanthropy income but half of them are still in the red.

The Biggest Loser From Repealing the Johnson Amendment? Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy: More broadly, what’s at stake here is the separation of politics and philanthropy, along with public trust in the charitable sector.

Scary Times: Foundations, Trumpism, and the Fear Factor

Inside Philanthropy: It took a bit of time, but foundation leaders—some of them, anyway—are now speaking out against the Trump administration’s executive orders banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries.

This Innovative Charity Crowdfunding Event Turns Your Donations Into ‘Dragon’s Den’

Forbes: The concept is relatively simple: 10 people each invite 10 friends to pledge $100, with all the money crowdfunded online in advance of the event.

Philanthropy 101: how to set up a win-win strategy

Fin Review: A properly set up structure provides more benefit than ad hoc giving – to you and the charity you want to support.

RECT trustee to chair Philanthropy NZ

Waikato Times: Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust trustee Sandra Kai Fong has been named the chair of the Philanthropy New Zealand Board.

Moving Toward a Better Future for Measurement

SSIR: How can monitoring, evaluation, and learning become even more powerful tools for social sector leaders?

Responsible Leadership Is Inclusive Leadership

SSIR: The Compact for Responsible Business Leadership is an important step forward for corporations operating in a global society, but it needs reworking if it is to truly foster long-term societal value.

Market Making for Mission

SSIR: Foundations have an important role to play in impact investing—in building platforms and products that efficiently mobilize capital, mitigate risk, and improve liquidity.

Choices in Family Philanthropy

KPMG: The family’s vision for their enterprise might involve philanthropy, but where does it fit in?

Salesforce’s mission to revolutionise corporate philanthropy

Information Age: Imagine if every single person in every single organisation in the world gave just 1%. What a change and impact you could make.

Moment of Truth: Will Foundations Come Together to Fight Trump?

Inside Philanthropy: As it is, Trumpist attacks on funders are a near certainty in coming years—and, in fact, have already begun.

Australian Government Moves on Impact Investing

Pro Bono: The Turnbull government is exploring ways it can develop the impact investing market in Australia, with a focus on the affordable housing supply.

As India’s millionaire club grows, the nature of philanthropy in India is changing

Economic Times: As India grew exponentially over the past decade, so has incomes and charitable initiatives.

Persuasion in a “Post-Truth” World

SSIR: To make progress on ideologically or politically sticky issues, social sector organisations must reshape their messaging to do more than cite facts; they must use smart storytelling and craft solutions that don’t require those they want to reach to sacrifice their values.

The Pink Hats Were Awesome. Now Let’s Deliver.

SSIR: We need to double down on the gritty business of impact. Here’s how.

Why every social entrepreneur needs a mentor and how to find one

Social Good Stuff: Finding the right mentor can be the determining success factor for social entrepreneurs, especially for those starting out.

Australian of the Year finalist: Philanthropist Andrew Forrest strives to put an end to modern slavery and Indigenous disadvantage

Nine News: Perth billionaire Andrew Forrest has been recognised for his hands-on involvement with hundreds of community services across Australia.

The Five Habits Of Effective Philanthropists

Forbes: Unlike in business where there are common models for effective practice, philanthropists tend to make it up as they go along – how can you go wrong giving money to charity?

Why Major Philanthropists Are Giving More Money to Just One Cause

Harvard Business Review: Foundations and wealthy individuals are making big philanthropic bets on driving social change solutions at scale.

Philanthropy Forecast, 2017: Trends and Issues to Watch

Inside Philanthropy: Philanthropy remains the puny cousin of the big kids on the block, business and government, and so we need to keep in check expectations about what private giving can accomplish.

Working for the ‘Evolution’ of Australian Philanthropy

Pro Bono: The country’s peak body for donors, Philanthropy Australia, is embarking on a strategic plan which includes a bold new business model around membership and changes to its legal structure while still retaining its core policy and advocacy work.

Investing For Impact: Recasting A Traditional Portfolio For Purpose & Profit

Forbes: Millennials and those that follow it will be intent on dissolving arbitrary boundaries between investing and philanthropy, profit and purpose, what we own and what we care about.

Philanthropic Pioneers: Foundations and the Rise of Impact Investing

SSIR: As impact investing expands in scope and sophistication, foundations are leading the way.

Inequality, Inequality, Inequality: The Billionaire Philanthropists As Rich As Half The World

Forbes: Oxfam has released an analysis of global wealth that suggests eight men have a combined wealth comparative to that of the poorest 3.6bn people on the planet.

Philanthropy’s “Starfish Problem”: The Husband Who Didn’t Know Best

Forbes: If philanthropy is to move from being about the donor to truly being about the change they make, then the first step the sector needs to take, is to address its Starfish Problem.

Prominent philanthropist and arts patron James Fairfax dies

Sydney Morning Herald: James Fairfax, the former chairman of publisher John Fairfax Ltd, died on Wednesday at his home at Retford Park in Bowral. He was 83.

Gina Rinehart: the iron lady behind a long list of philanthropy

The Australian: Rinehart, through her private company Hancock Prospecting and the Georgina Hope Foundation, has donated to many philanthropic ventures with a strong focus on health and helping young people.

The Future of Foundation Philanthropy: The CEO Perspective

Center for Effective Philanthropy: Based on the perspectives of more than 200 foundation CEOs the report captures foundation leaders’ views on challenges and concerns about the changing landscape.

Chan Zuckerberg initiative builds political muscle for philanthropic work

New York Times: Zuckerberg and Chan have hired a top political operative to lead the next phase of their philanthropic work.

Then It’s Gone: The Big (and Obvious) Drawback of Spending Down

Inside Philanthropy: Here’s a question that few people have stopped to ask: Did Feeney do the right thing in choosing a spend-down strategy for Atlantic?

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 Philanthropy

SRQ: Each one of us has the potential to impact a person, a cause, a community, and this year you can be the one to make a difference.

The 18 Biggest Charitable Donations Of 2016

Forbes: In the US there were twelve donations given by wealthy donors that surpassed $100 million, plus another six that totalled $100 million exactly.

The Walmart Foundation Is a Perfect Example of How Corporate Philanthropy is Changing

Inside Philanthropy: Walmart’s corporate funding has undergone a paradigm shift from widely dispersed local grants to bigger strategic programs that tap into the company’s key assets as a business.

5 Lessons We Can All Learn From This Entrepreneur’s Philanthropic Journey

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial success can afford a person many things, the most fulfilling of which is making lives and the world around us better without need for profit.

Environmental Giving in 2016: Trends and Hot Topics

Inside Philanthropy: In the past year, we saw a lot of creative philanthropy for inspiring, grassroots-level work, movement building, and efforts to otherwise drive communities forward.

Marketing And Philanthropy: Feed A Billion And Partners Share Formulas For Success

Forbes: Executed well, philanthropy is good for marketing and good for business as well.

Family stumps up $4m for unique plan to tackle homelessness

The Age: A wealthy Melbourne family is putting up $4 million to build more than 50 portable homes for disadvantaged people on vacant VicRoads properties in a unique project to tackle the city’s homelessness crisis.

Seven trends in philanthropy to expect in 2017

Denver Post: 2016 was a great year for philanthropy. It included record levels of giving and impact investing and more strategic approaches to charitable efforts. 2017 will likely launch its own unique trends.

‘James Bond of philanthropy’ gives away the last of his fortune

New York Times: Last month Chuck Feeney and Atlantic Philanthropies made a final grant, $7m to Cornell University, to support students doing community service work.

It’s time for more Australian fund managers to invest in social outcomes

Guardian: Rise of impact investing in Australia shows there is an increased appetite for aligning assets with values.

All-star cast of board members back ambitious social impact fund Rise

Financial Review: A group of high-profile executives and investors has put together an ambitious social impact fund called Rise.

Impact investing growing quickly, but has long way to go: GIIN

Reuters: Impact investments have grown rapidly over the last three years as mainstream institutions such as pension funds and insurance companies have jumped on the bandwagon.

Philanthropist Andrew Forrest aims to end slavery and disparity

The Australian: Forrest is a passionate philanthropist who, through the Minderoo Foundation he co-founded with wife Nicola in 2001, supported more than 250 community initiatives aimed at ending modern slavery and highlighting indigenous disparity.

The Year In Social Enterprise And Impact Investing: 5 Happenings Of Note In 2016

Forbes: Some of 2016’s most noteworthy events and trends in the world of social enterprise and impact investing.

Four Ways Advisors Can Expand The Impact Of Their Clients Philanthropy

Financial Advisor: Through smart tax planning and growing opportunities to put philanthropic dollars to work in impact investing, advisors are finding ways to expand the power and positive feelings generated by their clients’ philanthropic giving.

Philanthropy’s tech billionaire reboot could be good for policymaking

The Conversation: Today, relatively young technology billionaires are creating a new paradigm of philanthropy, one that arguably sets a new standard of ethical practice in the non-profit sector.

Rebranding Philanthropy: How Millennial Women Are Disrupting Giving Back

Forbes: Women banding together to give more and in new, more effective ways is helping to rebrand and reimagine what philanthropy will look like over the next decade and beyond.

Shifting Philanthropy from Charity to Justice

SSIR: In the American philanthropic sector, often well-intentioned people make decisions for communities they do not come from, may not understand, rarely interact with, and almost never step foot into.

Seeking and Solving

SSIR: Through an online crowdsourcing platform, one foundation is reaching new types of partners who offer new types of solutions.

Philanthropy: the gift that keeps on giving

The Australian: At the end of a year in which the arts sector suffered disappointments and frustration to do with the federal government’s funding restructure, there has been some uplifting news.

It’s Time to Break Arts Philanthropy Out of Its Silo

SSIR: Connecting arts goals to a foundation’s larger vision can make support for the arts more targeted and impactful.

Top philanthropic gifts of 2016

Pro Bono: The biggest philanthropic gifts in 2016 delivered major Australian universities a share in more than $269 million – more than double the estimated $117 million donated to universities in 2015.