Corporate-nonprofit relationships require cooperation and give and take on both sides. But these partnerships can create significant shared value, leading to both commercial and social rewards.

Take, for example, Thrive Refugee Enterprise—a new refugee microfinancing charity that helps entrepreneurs from refugee backgrounds fast-track their business plans and achieve their goals of establishing successful businesses in Australia.

Thrive aims to support the entrepreneurial spirit of refugees by providing microfinancing and mentoring support to aspiring business owners from refugee backgrounds. Eligible applicants can access loans for resources and tools, in addition to support with education and professional accreditation.

Where do these applicants come from? That’s where SSI enters the picture. As founding members of Thrive, we’ve partnered with the charity to provide eligible applicants for microloans along with on-the-ground expertise that will help Thrive provide thoughtful, informed and appropriate support to refugee entrepreneurs.

It’s the perfect partnership. Thrive has presented an innovative solution to a challenge affecting one of the biggest communities SSI works with, and we have the on-the-ground expertise and…

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