ohn Mullen and Kevin Sumption on the SY Ena

John Mullen and Kevin Sumption on the SY Ena. Photograph by James Brickwood/Fairfax Syndication.

Long before he was made Chair of the Australian National Maritime Foundation (ANMF), John Mullen had been quietly making a real difference to Australia’s knowledge of maritime history and archaeology. Mullen, through the Silentworld Foundation, has led and funded numerous maritime archaeological expeditions including to the Coral Sea and Kenn Reef. It is through Mullen’s support that maritime archaeologists at the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) are able to explore the depths of our oceans to sites of maritime significance. Such support has included providing vessels, staff, equipment and divers to make these voyages possible.

Mullen has also generously given his own time and even donated a historically significant vessel to the Museum through the ANMF — the beautiful Edwardian Steam Yacht, Ena.

A Stunning  Gift with a Wartime History

Ena is the Museum's most valuable acquisition in the last 10 years,” says ANMM Director, Kevin Sumption, of this latest addition to the Museum’s fleet of vessels.

Appearances can be deceiving as the gilded and Gatsby-esque SY Ena has quite literally been in…

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