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Looking back at 50 years of US philanthropy

Commissioned for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Symposium, the report takes a look at the evolution of philanthropy in America in the last 50 years.

Leadership Insights – Scaling for Transformative Impact

The Scaling for Transformative Impact paper by Shamal Dass, JBWere’s Head of Philanthropic Services, presents a framework for scaling to be employed by all leaders of social enterprises to guide their organisations to deliver lasting social impact.

Giving Australia 2016: Philanthropy and Philanthropists

The first of five research reports from Giving Australia 2016, focuses on the giving patterns of high-net-worth and institutional givers. Findings from this report will be of particular interest to philanthropists and grant-makers, financial intermediaries including advisors and planners, and nonprofit organisations. To coincide with the release of the report, two fact sheets have been […]

11 Philanthropic Trends for 2017

To help explore and understand the trends and challenges that inform the Johnson Center’s work, this report provides brief descriptions of trends that are both forming and challenging the work of philanthropy.

Australian Giving Trends – Signs of Life

JBWere’s annual report on giving  finds that after a stagnant period following the GFC, growth in the giving sector is rebounding through a surge in large multimillion dollar gifts, an increasing number of Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) being established and an increase in corporate donations and sponsorships.

WA Corporate Giving Index 2015

The WA Corporate Giving Index shows that despite 2015 being a challenging year, companies continue to support the community and corporate giving programs remain strong.

Australian Charities 2014

Australian Charities 2014 is the first comprehensive report to include the financial information of Australian charities.

Strategic Philanthropy – Leadership Insights

David Knowles from Koda Capital distils the collective insights of the philanthropic, academic, nonprofit and business leaders who came together during the recent visit by The Atlantic Philanthropies President & CEO, Christopher G. Oechsli.

2015 Koda Capital Australian Giving Review

The proportion of Australian individuals claiming a gift or donation is stagnant and remains below the level it reached in 1985-6, with taxpayers also giving just 0.32 per cent of their taxable income, according to a report released by independent private wealth advisory business Koda Capital.

NAB Charitable Giving Index

Giving to charity in Australia grew by just 2 per cent over the year to February 2015, down from 10 per cent at the same time last year.

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  • Cromwell Property Group Foundation to Live Well, Age Well


  • Robert and Paula McLean to The Nature Conservancy

    $1 million

  • Minderoo Foundation to Minderoo Ocean Research ­initiative

    $100 million

  • Wheelton Philanthropy to Northern Health


  • Wheelton Philanthropy to Royal Children's Hospital


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