Pantera Press CEO and co-founder, Alison Green, has always loved books. So much so, that when she spent two months backpacking across Europe with friends in her late teens, she packed precious cargo.

“Everyone else had brought practical things like those little clothes lines you use to dry your gear in hostels, whereas I’d packed 22 books instead.”

Not only did Green haul 22 books across Europe, leaving the ones she’d finished at hostels along the way, she’d read them all by the midway point of the trip and had to restock.

Back in Australia three years later, Green launched Pantera Press, a boutique publisher with a big difference.

“I knew nothing about book publishing,” she confesses.

“My background was business strategy but I could see that post-GFC, the book publishing landscape had changed so much.

“Publishers were focused on established authors and buying rights for international best-selling writers and local agents were doing the same thing.

“No one was taking a risk on new Australian authors.”

After spending two years researching by “talking to everyone…

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