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A true testament: HMSTrust

HMSTrust staff. L-R Peter Wetherall, Lin Bender, Lea-Anne Bradley, Michelle Springall, Glen Thomson, Sarah Bartak and Ryley (Chief Morale Officer)

From an original bequest or £275,000, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust has distributed $117 million since it was established in 1951. CEO Lin Bender explains how the Trust operates and what it’s achieved so far.

Collaboration + collective giving = Game changer

At a time when individuals have more power than at any time in history, inequality is widespread and deepening. The Funding Network’s Lisa Cotton says collaboration and collective giving are powerful practices with the potential to make lasting structural changes.

Philanthropy and government working together

It’s been two years since Generosity last caught up with FRRR’s Innovation for Community Impact Program. One of the biggest lessons learned in that time has been that working innovatively often requires a leap of faith and an element of flexibility.

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  • The Funding Network to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation


  • The Funding Network to Zara’s House Refugee Women’s Centre


  • The Funding Network to The Sanctuary Women and Children’s Refuge


  • Hand Heart Pocket to Hear and Say


  • Andrew and Paula Liveris to University of Queensland

    $13.5 milion

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