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Rethinking philanthropy


Have you reached nirvana yet or are you stuck in inertia? Teresa Zolnierkiewicz explains the 5 Stages of Philanthropy.

PAFs Unpacked: What is a Private Ancillary Fund?

Private Ancillary Fund

Private Ancillary Funds are structures for strategic long-term giving that can give donors tax deductibility, flexibility, and deeper engagement in their charitable giving. This coming year they could distribute approximately $800 million, says JB Were’s Shamal Dass.

Volunteering in the Sharing Economy

These Twnsy frogmouths are being cared for by Wild Paws

With many organisations crying out for more volunteers, there is significant untapped potential in on-demand and remote styles of volunteering.

Lost conversations in philanthropy

Who’s ready to talk about failure in philanthropy? Fiona Higgins is. Here she ponders three reasons why we fail to talk about failure and gives an account of one of her own philanthropy fails.

Scaling for transformative impact

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results.” – Robin Sharma

Philanthropy in a fearful world Premium

Unconstrained by short-term political cycles, philanthropy is uniquely placed to act as an advocate and defender of civil society so is it time to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway?’ ponders Fiona Higgins.

Beating the ‘Bah humbug!’ this Christmas


Ten gems from Fiona Higgins that will reconnect you with the spirit of the season. The best bit? You don’t need millions for this kind of giving—it’s about generosity of spirit, and it’s a great way to get your kids involved, too.

Change the World: Perth’s game changing free event


Frustrated by how many cause organisations struggle to grow awareness in the digital age, Perth small business Hancock Creative decided to do something about it. The result is Change the World, a free event for nonprofits and social enterprises with expert speakers from around Australia.

Ten ways to disrupt the funder-charity power dynamic


Fiona Higgins puts forward the case for turning talk into action when it comes to changing the power imbalance between philanthropic funders and their nonprofit partners and provides 10 tips, including: Don’t be an ‘askhole’.

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Gift table

Recent donations, grants and corporate partnerships

  • StreetSmart to 156 organisations tackling homelessness


  • Lotterywest to Glass Jar Australia/Shooting Stars Program


  • Balnaves Foundation to Guardian Civic Journalism Trust

    $300,000 over three years

  • Hand Heart Pocket (Freemasons Queensland) to YellowBridge Queensland


  • Be Giving to Princess Margaret Hospital


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