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Insights about impact

Christopher Baker and Wendy Scaife explore how impact influences giving choices using data from Giving Australia 2016.

Easy rider: Jed Emerson, Part Two


“Have you optimised the total value of what it is you have the potential to create?” That’s Jed Emerson’s biggest question for philanthropy. Why? Because to his mind, “the point is not to simply do better and more philanthropy. The point is to change the world.” Emerson picks up where he left off in this, the second part of our profile story.

Impact investing: Tribes and Cup winners


Daniel Madhavan from Impact Investing Australia explains why the debate and evolving conversations about impact investing all help the market grow and find form.

Event wrap: Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific


Held in Sydney on 19-21 October, the inaugural Impact Investment Summit attracted more than 200 delegates, featured 80 presenters, and gave rise to a host of challenging and inspiring conversations with the potential to shape impact investing’s ‘adolescent years’ in Australia.

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  • FRRR NSW and Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to Taster Property Inc


  • FRRR NSW and Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to Griffith Skills Training Centre Ltd


  • William Buckland Foundation to Very Special Kids and Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)


  • Alecca McKinless to Huntingtons Queensland


  • Avon Australia and New Zealand to Breast Cancer Trials


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