As Chief Engagement Officer of Women Moving Millions, a global philanthropic initiative inspiring million dollar-plus gifts that empower women and girls, Jacki Zehner has thought long and hard about the strategies and tactics that best kindle engagement.

During her  visit to Australia as part of the Australian Women Donors’ Women Moving Millions tour, she emphasised the power of connection, explaining that the organisation is designed to bring people together who “share a commitment to use our resources, mobilise everything we have—that includes not only dollars, but so much more—in pursuit of a vision for a more gender equitable world.”

In this chat with Generosity editor, Nicole Richards, Jacki shares her thoughts on engagement during the Trump era, the power of personal connection and why facts alone will never change hearts and minds.


NR: You’ve been championing investment in women and girls for many years now. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in that time?

JZ: The importance of community and being a part of something bigger than yourself. The power of community is…

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