The Fairfax family is one of Australia’s most recognisable philanthropic names.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Sir Vincent and Lady Nancy Fairfax have embraced the family’s philanthropic legacy.

A recent change to the membership criteria for the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF) has seen two members of the family’s fourth generation join the Foundation at the age of 18.

VFFF CEO, Jenny Wheatley, says the family’s strong shared values have made the process of accommodating different philanthropic interests and priorities across the generations reasonably simple.

“Each of the family members has enormous respect for the legacy and heritage left by Sir Vincent and Lady Nancy,” Wheatley says.

“The values espoused by the founders are still so firm and so respected by everybody within the family that commencing the process for passing the baton has been seamless.

“Certainly members of the third generation want to do philanthropy slightly differently from what their parents did,” Wheatley explains. “But, to their credit, the parents are absolutely open to what’s being said.

“These are very inspiring…

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