Philanthropy often identifies the real gems making unique contributions to Australia’s future wellbeing.

One such example is the invaluable support shown by philanthropy to a highly trusted and impactful expert in the field of helping governments, business and industry to reduce the emissions polluting our precious environment and causing dangerous changes to our climate. They’re called ClimateWorks Australia, and they are committed to ensuring we get those emissions down to ‘net zero’ by the year 2050.

A family trust wishing to remain anonymous has already committed funding to ClimateWorks’ programs. But they also see the urgent need to take that a step further: to encourage others to support ClimateWorks’ critical efforts.

They have reason to be confident that supporting this organisation leads to significant impacts:

80% of Australia’s emissions are now covered by the ‘net zero in 2050’ target, and ClimateWorks’ analysis has directly informed targets of jurisdictions covering 56% of those emissions.

And so this philanthropic family trust has committed to matching every additional philanthropic dollar gifted to ClimateWorks Australia, up to $500,000 a year over the next five years – $2.5 million in total.

In their view, the Trust, “…simply wish(es) to maximise our resources in a short period of time by backing great organisations and leaders with untied funding that have a measurable plan to create sustainable change.”

They add, “ We are focused on the outcomes of the partners we support, not the acknowledgement of a family name.”

At the Generosity Forum there was a theme of addressing the worldwide social and environmental issues of our time, starting with a strong evidence base and applying transformative and innovative approaches.

Acknowledging the complexity of this challenge, philanthropy is looking to back strong leaders who can collaborate. Many see Climateworks Australia as an organisation that ticks all these boxes.

ClimateWorks Australia’s great reputation is steered by a highly respected CEO, Anna Skarbek, managing a growing and professional team of 25 dedicated staff. Anna recently spoke at the Investment Impact Summit and the Australian Environment Grantmakers Network on ‘Solutions to Climate Change for Australia’ and was listed as one of the ‘10 Aussie business women to inspire you’ in the Good Money magazine from Australian Ethical Investment.

Addressing the audience about the matching grant open to ClimateWorks currently, Anna said: “This represents a significant opportunity for funders to double their impact in contributing to ClimateWorks’ impacts towards helping Australia achieve a safe climate for the future of us all. ClimateWorks’ analysis has thus far directly contributed to the setting of net zero emissions targets for state governments in South Australia, Queensland and Victoria. Last year we helped establish the national Electric Vehicles Council. We’re working with the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council to propose significant energy efficiency and emissions reducing improvements to the National Construction Code. We work with CSIRO, ARENA and many other peak bodies, we analysed climate risks for Westpac’s investors and helped Monash University become the first in Australia to announce a net zero carbon by 2030 policy and commit $135 million to getting there. We have done our homework and built the momentum; we now need maximum philanthropic support to enable us to engage the right levers across key sectors of our economy, and start the transition now.”

About ClimateWorks Australia

ClimateWorks Australia is an expert, independent adviser acting as a bridge between research and action to enable new approaches and solutions to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

Co-founded in 2009 by The Myer Foundation and Monash University, the organisation works within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, which convenes experts for a multi-disciplinary approach to Sustainable Development Goals.

In just nine years, ClimateWorks has punched well above its weight, invited to work with and delivering recommendations to business leaders, investors, plus federal, state and local governments on issues including energy efficiency, carbon pricing, climate resilience, clean energy investing, sectoral emissions, energy markets, vehicle emissions standards and the built environment. Their ongoing partnership with philanthropy provides a powerful example of how, backed by philanthropy, they can address a key, complex, interdependent, and global challenges.

Vitally, philanthropic funding frees ClimateWorks of all commercial, political or advocacy interests, allowing them to interrogate the biggest emissions reduction opportunities and uncover real solutions. With their operating costs kept low as Monash University provides full back end support, 100% of any funding helps ClimateWorks deliver on their impact goals.

ClimateWorks Australia proudly counts amongst their small but significant philanthropic circle, The Myer Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Equity Trustees.

In 2017, ClimateWorks and The Myer Foundation were awarded Best Large Grant by Philanthropy Australia.

You can contact ClimateWorks Australia on  +61 3 9902 0741 or email