On February 8 The Grants Hub published a Facebook post to draw attention to a grant program from women’s lifestyle adventure magazine Travel Play Live. What happened next was extraordinary.

Generosity talked to The Grants Hub founder and managing director Jessie Ballantyne to find out more about the viral sensation.

What is the background to campaign?

The aim of The Grants Hub is to make it easy to find grants. So I started choosing a Grant of the Week as something new for 2018 to help spread the word about some of the more unknown grant opportunities available in Australia. Lots of people know about the big, popular programs, but we also hear from funding bodies that some grant programs are undersubscribed.

I thought the Women’s Adventure Grant would attract a bit of interest from those who don’t always think of grants as a funding avenue. It’s quite a unique program as not a lot of grants are available for individuals, especially for those doing something like adventure.

How was the message spread about the campaign?

Facebook. That is the only avenue we’ve used and there was no paid boost to the campaign whatsoever.

I’m a firm believer in doing what you can with what you’ve got. We have a very tiny budget, so I used Canva to create the image, wrote the Facebook post myself, tagged the funding provider and a couple of other women’s networks that I thought may be interested and that was it.

What was the central proposition of the campaign?

The first line of the post is ‘What a grant! Make sure you tag an adventure loving woman for this one.’

A summary of the grant can be found in the post, with a direct link to the funding provider’s page. There is actually no link to The Grants Hub in the post whatsoever, but people have obviously liked what they’ve seen about us as our Facebook following has skyrocketed and our website has had constant traffic.




What were the key factors for the success of the campaign?

Well that’s the million-dollar question!

I’m sure social media/marketing experts would be able to provide more insight and a whole heap of rationale for the success, but my own layman’s opinion is:

  • It’s spoken to women who are already adventurous, but also to those who aspire to be more adventurous.
  • Since the post first started gaining momentum we’ve been working collaboratively with Work Play Live to answer people’s questions and share the story.
  • I’ve responded to people’s comments and thanked them for sharing.
  • We’re pretty down to earth at The Grants Hub and people respond positively to that.
  • When people have checked our Facebook page and website they’ve seen a consistent story. Our branding is consistent, our voice is consistent, we’re genuine about sharing grants information and we’re small (which people seem to like).

What are the campaign statistics?

The stats jump every time I refresh my page at the moment, but here is the latest summary.

The Facebook post is our most engaged with post EVER, with:

  • 170,000+ people reached
  • 20,000+ post clicks
  • 1,200+ shares
  • 800+ comments
  • 500+ likes/reactions.

Our Facebook page itself has gained 1,200+ new likes in the past few days (that’s a lot when we only had just over 4,000 likes at the start of the week!). For a very small business, it’s been an amazing few days

Launched in 2013, The Grants Hub is an award-winning business bringing together tech and grants expertise to help organisations find grants, quickly and easily. To find out more, check out the website.

If you are woman with an adventurous plan to showcase the power of adventure to affect change, applications close on February 28.