Philanthropy in Australia isn’t short of inspiring leaders. Each year at Generosity we invite senior leaders from across the sector to share their thoughts on a handful of topics.

For the three years that we’ve run this leadership feature, it’s consistently engendered deep reflection and robust responses. This year we’ve received more responses than ever before and they are considered, eloquent and reflective of the vibrancy within the sector.

Thank you to each of the 36 leaders featured here who took the time to contribute their thoughts and further the conversation about giving in Australia.


What does it mean to be a leader in philanthropy?


I think leadership is a privilege. And for me, the same principles apply for being a leader in philanthropy as apply to being a leader anywhere– in the family, community, workplace, or the world. Now more than ever, leaders need to uplift and inspire and they need to continue to raise their voices for social inclusion and the celebration of diversity and human rights.

Audette Exel, Adara Group



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