I regularly lament the lack of an Industry Plan for the philanthropy and nonprofit (PNP) sector to anyone who will listen. Hopefully academic, practice and peak bodies and minds can get together on this sometime soon to ensure the sector and beyond know its value, its risks and its opportunities.

Why? Well there has been some improvement but a number of 2017 events (eg, challenges to nonprofit advocacy) suggest the sector’s voice is still more Tiny Tim than Jimmy Barnes!

Many contend that the situation is dangerous to the national wellbeing and it won’t change until we work more together to prepare for and create a different future for the whole PNP sector and those it exists to serve.

In crafting this future thinking it helps to draw on entities that have ‘Mister Sheened’ the crystal ball, such as CSIRO and its Global megatrends shaping Australia’s future report.

In this brief article, let’s look at just one of the seven megatrends and its intersection with philanthropy.

Megatrend: More from less

CSIRO’s report raises two…

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